Recognizing and encouraging children’s resiliency during a pandemic

Despite the challenges of the past two years, many youth are returning to school stronger in some ways than before the pandemic. This presents a unique window for parents and educators to recognize growth in some while finding ways to encourage resiliency in those who may still be struggling.

“Our children have been through so many things the past couple years, yet they have developed some great coping skills through the adversity,” said Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus Clinical Director Jason Relle. “If we recognize that growth, we can work together with our youth to help all of us adjust in schools and daily life.”

Open conversations will be one of the most important ways educators and parents can help adolescents through the coming months. Questions as simple as “How are you doing?” or “How are you feeling?” can make a difference, as dialogue focused on the “how” will help adolescents unpack their thoughts. From there, trusted adults can meet the individual’s needs.

Rosecrance offers a wide range of support for adolescents who may need help adjusting to the new school year. Prevention and early intervention programs are available for those who may be at-risk of more serious issues, while residential and intensive outpatient therapy are offered for adolescents who need extra support. In addition, Rosecrance offers parent and family support groups.