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Rosecrance Living Programs

Sober Living Treatment

Rosecrance Living programs are structured residential settings that provide support and guidance to people in early recovery from substance use disorders. Sober living homes and halfway houses offer a safe and drug-free environment where residents can learn to live a sober lifestyle and develop the skills that they need to maintain long-term recovery.

Providing structure and support

In the early days of recovery, continued care and support are essential. Data overwhelmingly shows that the longer a person is in treatment and immersed in a positive environment, the better and more lasting the outcome.

Rosecrance offers recovery home and halfway house options for sober living that help teens, young adults, and adults ease the transition from treatment to everyday life in Illinois and Iowa.

Our unique program begins with the development of an individualized recovery plan, followed by daily support from a specialized team. Daily schedule and activity accountability and 12-Step meetings add an additional layer of support as clients embrace skills such as:

  • Creating a healthy routine
  • Practicing positive coping skills
  • Building a supportive community
  • Writing a resume/interview preparation/career coaching
  • Managing personal finances
  • Rebuilding and maintaining positive relationships, navigating new relationships
  • Nutrition and fitness

Spotlighting Chicago and teen sober living

Rosecrance Lakeview caters to young adults and adults and is centrally located in the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. The campus is close to employment opportunities, sports venues, shopping, public transportation, universities and other continuing education facilities, and a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor recreational activities. The resident portion includes six large, three-bedroom apartments and a lovely rooftop patio with stunning views. The on-site counseling center is conveniently located downstairs. The accommodations are state-of-the-art, the neighborhood is idyllic, and all the resources required for early recovery are easily accessible.

Marlowe House is a warm, prairie-style home on the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus in Rockford, Illinois. It serves teens and young adult male and female clients ages 16-19 who have completed a substance use treatment program. Services include individual and group counseling, family education and counseling, 12-Step meetings, 24-hour supervision, discharge planning for successful reintegration, secondary/higher and vocational educational opportunities, interpersonal skills training, building life skills, recreational activities, and relapse prevention.

Next steps in recovery

Benefits of Rosecrance Living programs include a structured environment and peer support, which can be helpful for people in early recovery who are trying to avoid relapse triggers. Sober living and halfway houses can be a bridge between residential treatment and independent living, helping residents to gradually transition back into society.

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