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Learning-Prevention Programs

Prevention Programs

Rosecrance offers a variety of trainings and evidence-based programs designed to provide education for community members. State and local grant funding supports these programs that deliver information about substance use and mental health in schools and community settings.

It starts with prevention

Rosecrance prevention programs serve thousands of children, teens, young adults, adults, and families each year.

In Central Illinois, we provide interactive youth prevention education using evidence-based curriculum for children in fourth through eighth grades in more than 20 schools. Our prevention specialists partner with schools to teach kids social-emotional learning skills covering communication, peer pressure refusal, decision-making, how to manage emotions, and more. They also provide age-appropriate information about drugs and drug use such as alcohol, marijuana, opioids and prescription medications, inhalants, vaping, and substance use prevention.

Prevention specialists also facilitate media campaigns about these topics in schools and the Illinois Youth Survey, which gathers information about a variety of health and social indicators, including substance use and perceptions.

Our prevention team is also training community providers across 23 Illinois counties to integrate substance use prevention into their programs.

In Iowa, our prevention specialists serve 16 counties with specific work plans based on individual community needs. They use evidence-based strategies to provide prevention education through presentations, consulting, and media campaigns focused on the priorities of reducing alcohol and marijuana use, problem gambling, and opioid overdoses. This includes partnerships with schools, healthcare providers, casinos, and local nonprofit organizations.

Prevention policy work also includes presentations at community events and consulting with employers on Drug-Free Workplace programs, which help employers update polices and procedures and bring awareness around drug use.

There are also opportunities to consult with municipalities about social host policies, which provide guidance to adults about serving alcohol to minors.

Because of these partnerships in the communities we serve, children, adults, and families have closer access to the Rosecrance continuum of care should they need referrals for follow-up care.

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