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Adult Programs

Community Outpatient Treatment

Rosecrance Community programs for adults include therapy, case management, psychiatry, veteran support, intensive outpatient services, and walk-in and call-in assessments. We serve individuals with mental health and substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring disorders at locations certified for Medicaid and government-sponsored insurance and grants, and in the community.

Team behavioral health support

Adult clients at Rosecrance have access to a range of community services. We begin with a screening process to determine individual needs, then provide compassionate, evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation with a team of
board-certified psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, nurses, physicians, social workers, and recovery support specialists.

Care that’s close to home

Our Rosecrance Community program for adults is extensive, treating a wide range of serious mental health and substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.

Adult services are delivered on-site at many of our Rosecrance locations in Illinois and Iowa. We also partner with schools, court systems, and other local providers to serve clients closer to home to improve access to care. Many of our staff are also embedded at these locations, too.

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With your current insurance information and location, we can better match you to programs and services that best fit your specific situation.

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