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Youth/Adolescent Programs

Community Outpatient Treatment

Rosecrance Community programs help youth and adolescents manage their behavioral health challenges and develop the necessary skills to prepare for a happier, more fulfilling future. We focus on screening, treatment, and recovery while also supporting parents and other family members with compassion, inclusion in the process, and hope.

Providing hope to children and families

Rosecrance Community services for youth and adolescents include care for serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

The community care continuum includes one-on-one therapy, group therapy, psychiatry and medication management, and outpatient day programs focused on recovery skills while youth stay in their home environment.

These services use evidence-based methods to help children identify triggers, learn about and manage their emotions, and develop healthy coping strategies and communications skills.

Care that’s close to home

Rosecrance Community programs serve youth and adolescents at Rosecrance locations in Illinois and Iowa certified for Medicaid and government-sponsored insurance and grants, and in the community. We partner with schools, court systems, and other local providers to serve clients closer to home to improve access to care. Many of our staff are also embedded at these locations, too.

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Why are we asking for this additional information?

With your current insurance information and location, we can better match you to programs and services that best fit your specific situation.

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