Faces of Rosecrance: Peter Mowris

January 19, 2018

Photo of Peter Mowris

Peter Mowris, Family Program Coordinator for Rosecrance Harrison Campus, works with families of adult clients in residential treatment for substance use disorders. “I spend more time with the families of clients than any other staff member. I get to see the issue from both sides.”

Peter has a Ph.D. and taught across the country before coming to Rosecrance. His work on the young men’s residential unit and the traditional men’s unit ignited in him an inner passion for the Rosecrance mission, which continues to grow in his current position. “I’m really glad I worked on the men’s unit, because it gave me a lot of contact with clients. That’s really helpful when talking with families, who are genuinely curious to know what the treatment experience is like.”

Regarding the family program, Peter sees tremendous value in giving families a chance to have their voice heard. “I never lose sight of the fact that most families are talking about this issue openly for the first time with people outside their family. We provide a safe space for them to do that, and it’s powerful.”

Peter also runs groups for clients in treatment, to help them learn how to make amends with their families. “They all want their families to trust them again. If it’s their first time in treatment, they have this idea that they can figure this all out by the end of the month… but recovery is a lifelong process.”