Faces of Rosecrance: Gail Raney

June 5, 2018

Photo of Gail Raney

Gail Raney is Administrator of Rosecrance Central Illinois and has a master’s degree in public administration. She started working for Prairie Center in 2002, which merged into Rosecrance in January 2018.

“I consider myself fortunate to have worked with so many people who are doing all they can to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. These wonderful people are always striving to keep improving. They never give up when tackling a problem, no matter how large it may appear. Being a part of such a terrific team drives me to be the best I can be,” says Raney.

Raney is inspired not only by the staff that she oversees, but also the clients we serve.

“I have been blessed to have worked with fantastic professionals over the years, but it’s our clients who motivate me the most. In our field, we are trying to help people make huge changes in their lives. I am always inspired when I witness the effort they put forth as they work towards sustaining their recovery. I have seen people who ‘had it all’ then lost everything—their job, home, family—and they came to us feeling very broken. To see them healthy and full of hope is so inspiring.“