Faces of Rosecrance: Brenda Hunt

August 30, 2017

Photo of Brenda Hunt

Brenda Hunt has been with Rosecrance for seven years and works as the nurse manager at the Griffin Williamson Campus, which serves teenagers recovering from substance use disorders. She believes that substance use disorders are  likeactually a disease process. An addict should be treated the same “as someone who has kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, anything like that,” says Hunt. “We don’t get mad at the person who comes in because they have a broken arm. I don’t think we should get mad at the person who has a substance abuse or mental health issue, either.”

Brenda’s goal is to lead and provide support to the nursing team. She also works with parents and psychiatrists to ensure the operations in her department run smoothly.

At a minimum, every adolescent client will be seen by nursing staff twice a day. Aside fromIn addition to routine visits, clients will see nursing staff for injury assessments or illness. Rosecrance also offers detox services at Griffin Williamson Campus, and these teens are placed in the bedroom closest to the unit station, bathroom, and hallway so that nurses are able to provide care as quickly as possible.

“It’s a hard decision for the family to send their child here, and it’s hard work for our clients to be here. We try to encourage the clients and tell them that they’re worth the hard work. We meet some of the smartest kids that come through here; we try to help them believe in themselves.

“I have been so grateful since I’ve come here. I believe that I get to supervise the greatest team of nurses. They are so incredibly passionate about what we do. We all want these kids to be healthy; the joy that we get when our clients come back to be a speaker to our groups, that’s amazing.”