On Your Radar podcast: You got help. Now what?

You took the courageous step of getting professional help and just immersed yourself in residential treatment for 4-6 weeks. So now what?

In many ways, the hard work actually starts now, as you apply the tools and skills you got from treatment to everyday life. For some, it can feel like graduating to a whole new level and starting over again.

To that end, one thing the experts at Rosecrance recommend is to keep things simple. Focus on your recovery, adjust to the new day-to-day, keep some structure, and connect with people. Be present, don’t try to do too much, and embrace simple pleasures like a hot shower or the perfect cup of coffee.

It’s also important to figure out what your passions really are—in other words, things you enjoy even when they’re not a place to drink or do drugs. Things that will help fulfill you spiritually, mentally, and even physically if applicable.

At first, it’s best to avoid situations that fuel your temptation to use or the self-pity you might feel if others are using. As you learn more about yourself and how you best manage and embrace these situations, the goal is to eventually integrate them back into your life.

Being sober (not “dry,” but “sober”—check out the podcast for more on that) is a lifetime process, but you certainly don’t have to—and shouldn’t—do it alone. In fact, research shows that outpatient treatment can be a critical stepping-stone, with a minimum of a year immediately following residential care leading to the best outcomes. The experts at Rosecrance provide alumni programs, mentor programs, and other services to help you help yourself and others.

Recovery does lead to fulfillment. Together, we just need to figure out what works.

If you know someone who is finishing or has recently finished treatment for mental health or substance use issues, check out series 6, episode 1 of the Rosecrance podcast “On Your Radar,” which covers the transition from residential treatment back into everyday life.

Download “You Got Help. Now What?” series 6, episode 1, HERE.