On Your Radar podcast: The challenges and stigma women face in getting help

“That’s not ladylike.” It’s an increasingly outdated sentiment these days, yet it often persists when it comes to women dealing with issues of mental health and substance use. Women are so often expected to have it all together and be the caretakers and stabilizers for their families and communities, to the point that self-care can be seen as selfish.

And in a crisis period like a pandemic, we return to what’s familiar—like the demanding stereotype of women as caregivers—and to what’s comfortable, like food or alcohol, the latter of which saw increases in consumption by 60% of women during the pandemic.

Of course, it’s perfectly normal to want comfort and relief from anxiety, depression, and other issues. But when behaviors reach past moderation and become problematic, it’s important to acknowledge the inner voice that says, “I need help.” Once you listen to yourself, the next productive step can be a simple conversation with someone else.

Because as easy as it is to retreat during a crisis, hope sparks when we realize we’re not alone. When we realize how common our issues actually are. The experts at Rosecrance can provide an empathetic ear, even through outpatient services or telehealth, if that’s what works for you.

What matters is having the courage to realize you need help, and to ask for it. Even a baby step like listening to our podcasts can be a step in the right direction.

So, if you or a woman you care about is experiencing any mental health or substance use issues and has been reluctant to get help for any reason, we hope you’ll listen to series 3, episode 2 of the Rosecrance podcast “On Your Radar,” which covers the challenges and stigma women face in getting help.

Download “On Your Radar: The Challenges and Stigma Women Face in Getting Help” series 3, episode 2, HERE.