‘On Your Radar,’ episode 6: Healthy family systems

Navigating substance use or mental health issues is a difficult challenge for both parents and teens. Combined with having spent the last year in isolation due to COVID-19, the journey to recovery can seem overwhelming. Who to trust? Where can you turn? How to find the right treatment for your teen?

The best chance for success in treatment is when the whole family is involved. Usually, this begins with a whole family assessment. Sometimes this can be difficult because it requires getting the teen to be open and honest about their substance use or mental health issues in front of their parents. But it can also show teens that they do have a support system made up of people who genuinely care for their well-being. Of course, it’s an emotional experience and there will be difficult moments. For parents, it’s important to seek out counseling parallel to their teen’s own treatment. Counseling helps the parent understand what their teen is experiencing and equips them with the necessary tools to take this journey alongside their teen.

The experts at Rosecrance can serve as a guiding light to parents and teens seeking treatment. They begin with a family assessment, followed by a recommended treatment plan that serves the whole family.

If a teen you know is experiencing a substance use or mental health issue, a great place to start is by listening to season one, episode six of the Rosecrance podcast, “On Your Radar – The Whole Family.” Episode six outlines the journey to sobriety for parents and teens with a focus on the whole family. Additionally, feel free to listen to the entirety of our “On Your Radar: Teens in Crisis” series to learn more about the issues facing teens during the time of COVID-19.

Download “On Your Radar: Teens In Crisis” episode 6, HERE.