‘On Your Radar,’ episode 5: How to get past ‘no’

For teens experiencing mental health and substance use issues, getting past “No” can be a  journey, for them and their family but with a strong support system, it is possible.

Often, the problem starts well before parents are even aware, and COVID-19 has exacerbated the issue. With many teens attending virtual school while their parents are working, there’s limited supervision and opportunity for increased substance use. By the time parents begin to recognize the signs and symptoms, the teen may already have a serious problem.

For parents with little or no support, figuring out what to do and how to handle the situation can be an arduous experience that can go on for months or years. Fortunately, the experts at Rosecrance are there to help parents and teens find their way to get past “No.” By involving a Rosecrance Intervention Specialist early on, parents and their teen can recognize there is a problem, understand the impact of their addiction, overcome the barriers of getting to treatment, and build an understanding of barriers and consequences through a proactive approach while feeling safe and protected rather than alienated or vilified.

If you suspect that a teen you know is experiencing a substance use or mental health issue, a great place to start is by listening to season one, episode five of the Rosecrance podcast: On Your Radar, Getting Past “No,” part of the series that explores the crisis facing teens in the time of COVID-19.

Episode five offers important insight and tips for parents on how to proactively help teens find their way back from substance use.

Download “On Your Radar: Teens In Crisis” episode 5, HERE.