‘On Your Radar,’ episode 3: Teen depression and anxiety

The past year has brought dramatic change around the world. Here at home, most of us have found ourselves glued to media outlets watching as the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths climbed to staggering numbers. Financial concerns, quarantines, and an absence of social interaction have left millions of adults experiencing anxiety and uncertainty about what the future would hold. But what about our kids?

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic sometimes overlooked is teen mental health. For them, making the shift from friends, activities, and school, to social isolation at such an important time in their lives can be devastating. The loss of those all-important firsts or once-in-a-lifetime milestones, such as prom or graduation can have a tremendous effect. The impact can also result in depression or anxiety, the symptoms of which may not be immediately obvious. These feelings are often difficult for a teen to identify on their own and even more difficult to overcome. Some teens, unfortunately, resort to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to dull their pain or anxiety.

In the third episode of the Rosecrance podcast, “On Your Radar: Teens in Crisis” we discuss teen depression and anxiety in the era of COVID-19. The segment features an in-depth interview with Rosecrance professionals discussing evaluation, treatment, and tips on what parents and professionals can do to become informed, get involved, and make a difference.

Download “On Your Radar: Teens In Crisis” episode 3, here.