‘On Your Radar,’ episode 2: Coping with the return to school and normalcy

The behavioral health effects of social isolation brought on by the pandemic have become especially worrisome among teens.

As the world returns to normalcy and teens once again head back to school, many will find themselves surrounded by friends, teachers and school officials, making substance use and mental health issues more difficult to disguise than perhaps may have been while home.  Additionally, for some teens, coping with the return to school and normalcy brings about a different set of stressors and challenges.

So, what’s a parent to do when confronted with the possibility that their teen may be experiencing issues in either of these areas? The first step begins with a frank conversation and listening; understanding the extent of the problem is important. Then, getting help. School counselors are a good place to start, and should be able to recommend treatment programs that are effective. The good news is that treatment programs do work.

If you’re a parent or school official looking for more information on teen substance use and mental health issues, the Rosecrance, “On Your Radar” podcast (Series 2: Teens in Crisis) is also a good place to start. The podcast features in-depth interviews with substance use and mental health professionals discussing treatment, breakthroughs and tips on what parents and professionals can do to get informed, get involved and make a difference.

Download “On Your Radar: Teens In Crisis” episode 2, here.