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Therapies Medical Director wants to be ‘in the game’ with clients

Lakhmani’s treatment approach varies based on the individual needs of the person he sees.

Dr. Puneet Lakhmani is passionate about empowering his clients to live their best lives.

As Medical Director for Rosecrance Therapies, Dr. Lakhmani provides care to individuals who are struggling with mental health and substance use disorders, ensuring that they receive the attention they need and managing their medication needs. He is an addiction medicine physician who specializes in the medical management of substance use disorders and their psychiatric and medical co-occurring conditions.

With experience in neuroscience, epidemiology, and family medicine, Dr. Lakhmani is dedicated to helping individuals in and around the Chicago area and providing technical guidance and support for those seeking help for their substance use or mental health, ensuring they achieve long-lasting recovery.

Lakhmani’s treatment approach varies based on the individual needs of the person he sees, but he always meets them where they are. He believes the onus is on him to explain all available options to those who trust him with their journey toward a healthier, renewed self.

“There are general principles I try to adhere to when I approach people—collaboration and nonjudgment—but I think the best way to treat someone struggling is with whatever they respond to,” Lakhmani said.

Everyone’s healing process is unique, and Dr. Lakhmani is aware of these differences, which contribute to the personal nature of the recovery journey. As long as a person is honest about their current state and actively participates, Dr. Lakhmani remains optimistic that positive outcomes can be achieved.

“People just showing up is the win.  We’re in the game if you can get in the door and see me. We can make something happen,” Lakhmani said.

He often reflects on the reasons why he chose to work in the field of family medicine and medical-assisted recovery. He feels fortunate to be able to assist others who are going through a significant transition in their lives and to be a supportive ally to them.

“We are in the position to save people’s lives literally. Some treatments can make a lifesaving difference, and just getting people on that pathway is really exciting,” Lakhmani said.

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