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The power of a recovery story

Rosecrance makes storytelling an integral part of the treatment process.

Stories possess an almost magical power when shared in community. They heal, encourage, and inspire. Most importantly, everyone has a story that can make a difference.

Rosecrance makes storytelling an integral part of the treatment process from the first contact, whether through the access team or in detox. Starting on the recovery journey through the 12 Steps, clients take honest looks at their lives and use reflection as a life-changing springboard. As new chapters are written, clients are then encouraged to share their successes and missteps with others as a means of strengthening those in recovery.

“We never know how or when we might impact others’ lives, and sharing our story provides that opportunity,” said Director of Chaplaincy Christopher Druce Jones. “It is a way for others to see and know there is a hope for a better life.”

Rosecrance develops a safe, supportive community by encouraging clients to recount stories in a variety of settings. Clients work through their journeys in individual counseling sessions and peer group opportunities. For those in residential care, occasional guest speakers are brought in to talk about life at various points of sobriety. In addition, 12 Step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous provide opportunities to hear and be heard.

“These vulnerable, sacred, moments become life-giving opportunities to keep people on the road to lasting recovery,” said Druce Jones. “People are sharing what is truly in their hearts, and that is inspiration for listeners while it helps the sharer find healing in acknowledging their own journey.”

Rosecrance also encourages fellowship through its alumni community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, alumni have discovered ways to connect and share their stories virtually, often relying on app-based interactions. In non-pandemic years, alumni also are guest speakers at a high school retreat for Operation Snowball, a substance use prevention program for teens.

“It is a gift for me to log into meetings and witness the fellowship when alumni know they have a family within our Rosecrance alumni community,” said Alumni Director Colleen Fry. “I can look at all the faces on the computer screen and still see the hope and connection. It is a true testament to practicing the principles of recovery and knowledge we provide our clients and alumni.”

Rosecrance helps those in recovery find inspiration and gain confidence from being truly seen and heard through the power of story.

They are encouraged to be beacons of light at work, on social media, and with those around them. This openness breaks down barriers and removes stigma often associated with addiction.

Anyone who wants to start the recovery journey is encouraged to contact Rosecrance anytime. Caring Access counselors can be reached at 888.928.5278.

“When we say ‘life’s waiting,’ we mean it,” Fry said. “When you give people a platform to share, they can be proud of the changes they have made, and that spreads gratitude and joy.”

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