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Taking note of behavioral health during Men’s Health Month

Men can monitor themselves this month for common signs of behavioral health issues.

Men can face unique challenges when it comes to managing mental health and substance use concerns. As part of Men’s Health Month, Rosecrance encourages men to take time in June to consider behavioral health as they think about overall wellbeing this month.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, men are over three times more likely to complete suicide attempts than women, and over 80 percent of these individuals had no prior diagnosed mental health condition. In addition, men are more likely to use substances and die from overdoses.

“Because men have a tendency to not go to the doctor or get help when we might need it, mental health and substance use disorders can have very harmful impacts on our fitness,” said Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer Tom Wright, M.D. “If you notice that you haven’t been yourself lately, or you wonder if one drink is becoming one too many, please make time to talk to a trusted professional about your concerns. They can point you to valuable resources and supports.”

Men can monitor themselves this month for common signs of behavioral health issues: Changes in socializing, a reluctance to talk with loved ones, fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in work or hobbies, spending more time than usual at work, and difficulty sleeping.

As a leader in recovery, Rosecrance offers individualized, gender-specific treatment that meets men where they are. Programs help men set and accomplish their goals for recovery across a full continuum of care.

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