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Community Impact

Serving veterans through collaboration

Saving the lives of our veterans is a community effort that involves leaders, advocates, friends, families, and more.

Rosecrance takes pride in supporting veterans, which is why it hosted an event on October 19 that brought together over 40 different organizations.

The purpose of this event, called “Saluting Veterans: Supporting Those Who Served,” was to raise awareness of the behavioral health needs of veterans and advocate for the millions of Americans who have answered the call to uniformed service. The ultimate goal was to unite communities and collaborate to provide better support to veterans.

Veterans are at a higher risk of developing PTSD compared to non-veterans. The rate of PTSD among veterans is 15 times higher than civilians. This condition can often lead to alcohol or substance use disorder, making providing the best care possible for these individuals even more crucial. Veterans also have a higher risk of suicide, with rates 57% higher than civilians. Access to high-quality mental health care is essential to helping veterans improve their mental health and recover from trauma.

Although federal agencies have established laws and plans to ensure veterans receive the necessary services, there is still much room for improvement. This improvement can be achieved through local organizations better connected to local resources, veterans, and their families who share their communities.

The event was an effort to bridge those gaps. It brought together various organizations that support veterans to build a network to educate, share resources, and find solutions to help those who have served our country.

Many resources are available to help veterans who have served our country. One such resource is Rosecrance.

Rosecrance experts discussed the individualized approach used through its Veterans Program and how a team of culturally competent professionals has helped to simplify the process of providing veterans with the necessary assistance as quickly as possible. In addition, they highlighted the partnership with the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network, which offers veterans a variety of options for addressing their behavioral health needs through qualified community providers.

Saving the lives of our veterans is a community effort that involves leaders, advocates, friends, families, and more. Collaborative solutions are required to make a difference in the lives of many. Rosecrance is proud to serve as a vessel in which those who are passionate about supporting veterans come together to help those who have served our

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