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Safe spaces ease emotions on the recovery journey

Rosecrance facilities promote healing through quiet, restful environments.

Rosecrance clients often enter treatment with traumas and stressors that can feel overwhelming at times. When anxiety begins to bubble over, a change of pace or place can be a healthy way to process those feelings.

That is where a lap on a walking path or a few minutes talking to a counselor while resting by a fireplace can spark breakthrough moments on the recovery journey’s first steps. Rosecrance facilities promote healing through quiet, restful environments. When a client needs a breather from the daily routine, there are convenient respite spots at residential sites that surround them with a sense of security.

“The environment really does affect the quality of conversations,” said Akua Adu-gyimah, a Unit Coordinator at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus. “Clients may feel overwhelmed or they can’t concentrate in my office, but they relax and become less guarded when we step into an informal setting,”

These spots are intentionally incorporated into each client’s therapy. They meet with counselors individually and in groups at a variety of locations. Then, clients are encouraged to note which environments feel most comfortable, as such spots can be useful for calming conversations in treatment and similar locations can become valuable getaways throughout the recovery journey after treatment.

A favorite spot at Rosecrance Harrison Campus is Steve’s Room. Separated from the cafeteria by an inviting fireplace, its tall glass windows overlook a tree-lined yard and pond. Comfortable furniture provides a safe space for conversation or quiet reflection. Steve’s Room is a favorite for group and family sessions, as well as quick breaks throughout the day.

“The open, comfortable space reminds clients and their families of home, which makes it a natural spot to have conversations,” said Rosecrance Harrison Campus Unit Coordinator Debra McGuire. “A client will come into the room struggling with how to share what is on their mind, we’ll sit down there, and it allows them to explore feelings in that moment.”

Other therapeutic spaces at Rosecrance sites include gardens, walking paths, fireplaces, calming rooms, and rooftop patios that are frequented by clients and staff alike.

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