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Rosecrance touches more lives in need of healing

The number of individuals looking for help with anxiety and depression is significant.

Rosecrance’s devoted team of caring experts has helped over 54,500 people realize their brightest future during the 2023 fiscal year.

As the demand for mental health services has remained high in recent years, Rosecrance has provided personalized and effective solutions to nearly 33,000 individuals struggling with their mental health across the Midwest from July 2022 to June 2023. Another 22,000 clients with concerns about their substance use were able to begin their recovery with the support of Rosecrance and its staff.

The number of individuals looking for help with anxiety and depression is significant, while trauma- and stressor-related disorders and substance use disorders are on the rise. In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 38% of psychologists stated that they were serving more clients than they did before the pandemic, with almost two-thirds of them stating that the symptoms among their patients have become more severe.

Substance use disorders also remain a concern despite the number of individuals beginning their recovery increasing in recent years. Over 46 million Americans aged 12 or older met the criteria for having a substance use disorder, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Rosecrance remains committed to supporting those who enter recovery and will continue to help clients and their families develop the tools they’ll use throughout the rest of their lives.

Rosecrance met the need of people struggling with their mental health and substance use by strengthening its robust continuum of care, lowering barriers to treatment, and establishing outpatient clinics in more communities than ever.

“We’re not just touching the lives of our clients, we’re making positive impacts on the loved ones of those who come to us for hope and the communities in which they live,” said Rosecrance President and CEO Dave Gomel, Ph.D. “We are empowering people to make changes that improve their lives, and we will continue to champion hope to the many people who are struggling.”

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