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Rosecrance opens a Center for Recovery in Central Illinois

The new center will offer adult residential and outpatient substance use treatment.

Rosecrance is pleased to announce an expansion of substance abuse treatment services in the heart of central Illinois, beginning in late December.

Located at 2302 Moreland Boulevard in Champaign, the facility will function as a Center for Recovery by providing treatment and integrated services for young adults and adults seeking treatment for substance use disorders.

The new center will offer adult residential and outpatient substance use treatment and structured, supportive recovery living to allow clients to become grounded in recovery as they progress toward a successful and drug and alcohol-free life. Clients at the new Rosecrance facility may be in various stages of their journey. Treatment services will be evidence-based and grounded in the principles of 12-Step Recovery.

“The isolating experience of addiction doesn’t discriminate and the families in central Illinois have been intensely affected,” says Rosecrance CEO/President, Phil Eaton. “Our community partners have communicated an urgent need for quality treatment services in the area and we have been very intentional and steadfast with our efforts to meet those needs.”

In Central Illinois 58 people died of drug overdose in 2017 in the immediate seven-county region of Champaign, Ford, Vermillion, Edgar, Douglas, Piatt, and DeWitt counties. The region has seen a 35 percent increase in deaths from drug overdose in the past five years.

“Our goal is to create a center that fosters community and supports our clients to enter a journey toward lasting recovery. We feel passionate that our expanded presence will be an invaluable resource to the community and function as a catalyst for positive change,” says Eaton.

Rosecrance’s decades of experience in addiction treatment demonstrate that long-term recovery is fostered by certain elements: quality, evidence-based programs; a structured and supportive living environment, personal accountability, life and career coaching, and guidance in goal setting. The new center of recovery will be a robust resource for all of these needs with residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, detoxification services, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, short and long-term recovery living, alumni support, and community recovery activities.

“Whether it is a young woman who lost her mother to cancer and began using pills to escape her grief or a Purple Heart recipient who served our country in Iraq and relied on alcohol to cope with PTSD–we have deep experiences with the people who need our help,” says Executive Director of Rosecrance Central Illinois, Chris Gleason. “We see stories of tragedy turn to triumph time and time again, and that impact fuels us to continue the work that we do.”

He adds, “We are very excited to provide resources to this community and establish a center that helps adults gain traction toward a brighter, more successful future.”

Current plans for the location call for 32 existing employees plus six positions being added. As services expand, more employment growth is possible. Rosecrance will serve more than 6,000 clients this year through its existing substance use and mental health programs in Central Illinois. With this expansion, Rosecrance plans to further its role and reach to serve even more individuals in need.

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