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Community Impact

Rosecrance offers valuable tools to help families living in recovery

Compassion, communication, and connection are keys to helping families.

When someone struggles with a mental health or substance use disorder, it often creates a ripple effect among family and friends. Parents and siblings may feel guilt for allowing the loved one to struggle, while the affected person may resist conversations regarding treatment.

“It becomes a rollercoaster of emotions when a behavioral health concern impacts a family member, particularly a child,” said Rosecrance Regional President Carlene Cardosi. “Guilt, shame, grief, and loss all may bubble to the surface at some point, which can make it challenging to have difficult family conversations or bring up the topic of treatment.”

Compassion, communication, and connection are keys to help families through this situation. Parents are encouraged to show understanding and acceptance to create safe spaces for all to talk openly and honestly. In addition, accountability and healthy boundaries can help the family move forward.

Peer support also is important. Rosecrance provides a Family Program each weekend and support groups in which families can share their experiences, struggles, and joys. Clinical experts are available in these sessions to answer questions and provide insights as well.

Beyond this, Rosecrance offers family therapy sessions to ensure the needs of the entire family unit are being met.

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