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Rosecrance offers a fresh start in recovery through data-driven treatment

For many people, treatment may be the first step toward new life.

The start of a new year means the annual ritual of resolutions and promises to do better this year. For people in recovery, January 1 is a timely reminder that fresh starts can be life-changing moments.

“It is important to get that second chance to start over, rebuild and reconnect,” said Dr. Raymond Garcia, Rosecrance Vice President of Medical Services. “I love that Rosecrance is a place of people dedicated to helping clients who want to make those fresh starts.”

For many people, treatment may be the first step toward new life. Rosecrance’s outcomes-informed approach uses therapy techniques that have proved to be successful for mental health and substance use. Caring staff work with clients to develop plans that meet each person’s particular needs. These programs can be adjusted in real time as individual progress is tracked with industry-standard assessment tools.

Because Rosecrance offers a full continuum of outpatient and inpatient treatment, clients can receive the appropriate level of services.

“We use all our data to provide meaningful feedback to clients and staff,” Garcia said. “Knowing that we can adapt what we’re doing based on the results gives us confidence that we are providing the best care possible.”

For others, the first steps toward a transformed life may be moving to a different location, changing jobs, or finding new social circles. A fresh start also could mean finding a mentor or choosing to work on a couple areas of weakness. Rosecrance’s Alumni Program is available to connect people with a supportive community wherever they may life.

Rosecrance encourages anyone who wants to take the first step toward a new life to reach out anytime. Access counselors can be reached at 888.928.5278.

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