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Rosecrance Inc. to merge with Prairie Center in Central Illinois

This merger expands addiction treatment and results in more integrated behavioral health services in the Central Illinois region.

Rosecrance Inc. is pleased to announce the execution of the merger agreement with Prairie Center, effective January 1, 2018.

In August the organizations shared their intent to merge, a move that expands behavioral health treatment options in the region and stabilizes jobs. Since that time, the due-diligence phase has been completed, with the sharing of operational and financial information.

Rosecrance has a long, successful history of significant mergers and acquisitions. This merger expands addiction treatment and results in more integrated behavioral health services in the Central Illinois region. Rosecrance is the state’s largest provider of residential substance abuse treatment services for teens, and the adult inpatient campus is one of the largest in Illinois. As substance use and mental health disorders are often linked, organizations offering integrated behavioral healthcare bring the most benefit to their communities and clients.

“With decades of experience in addiction treatment, Rosecrance has expertise in delivering a full continuum of evidence-based substance abuse treatment services,” said Rosecrance President/CEO Phil Eaton. “We are expanding the culture of recovery by creating greater efficiencies, making programs more sustainable and, most importantly, expanding and improving care for clients in Central Illinois,” Eaton said.

“Substance abuse is impacting our nation and our region in dramatic numbers, with over 90 people dying every day in the United States from an opioid overdose, said Judge Jeffrey Ford.  “Those numbers have nearly quadrupled since 1999, and heroin use in Champaign-Urbana alone more than doubled between 2007 and 2012.”

Since expanding to Central Illinois in 2016, Rosecrance has solicited input and feedback from a community board, exploring unmet needs and planning for the future.

Residents of the Central Illinois region will benefit greatly with the expanded, integrated continuum of behavioral healthcare that Rosecrance will provide,” said Dr. Barry Ackerson, Chair of the Rosecrance Champaign-Urbana Community Board.

Andrew Timms, president of the former Prairie Center Board of Directors, echoed the comments, “The Prairie Center Board has always felt their responsibility to clients and to staff. We feel fortunate indeed to have a committed, experienced and nationally recognized organization such as Rosecrance meeting the needs of our region.”

This seamless transition will afford the community an uninterrupted provision of substance abuse services delivered by Rosecrance, a leader in behavioral health treatment for over 100 years. This expansion of services will allow Rosecrance to provide substance abuse treatment services to even more people in the Central Illinois region.

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