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Community Impact

Rosecrance fosters healthy workplaces through outreach

Rosecrance team members build relationships throughout the U.S.

When one drink starts to become one too many, or life stressors become too difficult to manage alone, the effects ripple beyond a person’s family. These concerns can trickle into the workplace, where an employee’s performance could noticeably be affected.

At this point, individuals who need help might find Rosecrance’s resources on their own, or a caring employer might link the person with services. As an organization that recognizes the importance of a healthy workforce for the wellbeing of a community, Rosecrance has a long history of supporting businesses by providing holistic behavioral healthcare.

“Communities thrive when their businesses thrive,” said Mary Egan, Rosecrance’s Director of Outreach. “When an employee reaches out for help and finds lasting recovery, it makes such a big impact on their workplace and those around them. They rediscover themselves, keep the job, and restore relationships. We’re grateful to champion strong communities by offering this hope through our programs.”

Rosecrance has established ties to numerous industries that impact northern Illinois and beyond, giving its caring team a truly national reach. These include pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics in the airline industry, all levels of the auto manufacturing sector, electronics industry staff, and first responders such as police, fire, and emergency room personnel.

The primary relationships with professions are fostered through employee assistance programs. These are employer-sponsored resources such as confidential counseling, behavioral health services, and other valuable information that staff can access when needed.

In addition, staff are active in local chambers of commerce. This provides another avenue through which businesses can obtain information that encourages a healthy workplace.

Beyond these, Rosecrance team members build relationships throughout the U.S. delivering presentations on behavioral health signs and symptoms and education on topics such as marijuana use in the workplace.

“There are many ways individuals can find the information and assistance they need for behavioral health concerns, but employers don’t always know how to navigate the options available,” Egan said. “We’re available to be a connecting point to help employers meet their teams’ needs.”

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