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Rosecrance clinicians rise above following a difficult week in Rockford

Rosecrance answered the call when healing was needed.

When the Rockford, Illinois, community was struck by tragedy, Rosecrance counselors, driven by an unwavering commitment and selflessness, didn’t hesitate to step up and provide much-needed support.

Two long hours after the event, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara contacted Rosecrance for support; he knew he could rely on Rosecrance for help.

“I was able to tell the community that there’s this amazing community resource called Rosecrance, that they’re stepping up, and not just stepping up, but stepping up for free community service,” McNamara said.

That community service included more than two dozen licensed therapists who were prepared to counsel the victims, families, and neighbors who were struggling to cope with the trauma they had experienced. The therapists created a haven in the gymnasium of Flinn Middle School, where people could embark on their healing journey.

Around 100 people who needed to process their emotions and begin healing spoke with the therapists over two days. Their initial healing phase could take as long as necessary.

McNamara, deeply moved by the therapists’ actions and the healing they brought to the community, made a personal visit to Rosecrance. He expressed his gratitude and presented each therapist with a challenge coin, a symbol reserved for city workers or community members who go above and beyond.

“You really impacted lives for the better,” McNamara said.

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