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Promote empathy, awareness toward women struggling

Rosecrance offers specialized treatment that allows women to take the first steps in recovery.

It’s normal to want comfort and relief from anxiety, depression, and other stressors, and how someone copes with those feelings can create a positive or negative outcome.

When coping mechanisms rely on alcohol or substance use, it can become a disorder that intensifies the psychological stressors that caused someone to turn to substances for relief.

Anyone can develop a substance use disorder, but women are significantly less likely to seek help for their substance use and tend to enter treatment with more severe medical, behavioral, psychological, and social problems. They are also more likely to experience addiction more quickly and respond differently to substances, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

During National Women Touched by Addiction Day, observed annually on July 23, Rosecrance is promoting empathy and awareness toward not only women who have personally battled with addiction but also toward those who have been impacted by addiction through their loved ones. This includes the eradication of stigmatization, education for better understanding, and healing to foster resilience.

“Women are often expected to have it all together and be the caretakers and stabilizers for their families and communities, leaving time to care for themselves or their needs a low priority,” said Carlene Cardosi, regional president of Rosecrance Inc.  “Too often, women acknowledge their behaviors but are hesitant to begin the process of healing and freeing themselves from their substance use.”

Rosecrance offers specialized treatment that allows women to take the first steps in recovery together with a supportive group of peers and staff. If you are interested in treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call 888.928.5278.

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