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Community Impact

Planting seeds of hope

The conservatory offers a glimpse of what awaits once stability is achieved.

To commemorate the 10 years of hope, growth, and the nurturing environment the Ipsen Conservatory has represented since it opened, staff, clients, and friends of Rosecrance were invited to enjoy the view that the conservatory offers and plant their seeds of hope.

Thanks to the generosity of our good friends, this beautiful room has helped clients at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus build lifelong skills, break down barriers, increase self-esteem, and identify personal goals.

The serene chamber shows life in and outside of the conservatory, offering a glimpse of what awaits once stability is achieved and goals are set in motion.

Rosecrance staff is a part of the process that puts clients on the path toward healing. Their participation in the commemoration of a space that was designed to inspire life serves as a reminder as to why each of us chooses to continue the Rosecrance mission and champion hope.

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