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Mentors help nursing director achieve career goals

Young transitioned from floor nurse to nurse manager, then healthcare provider.

Amy Young set high ambitions as a nursing intern. She wanted to advance on professional ladder, earn nurse practitioner (NP) credentials, and lead other caregivers. Through mentors and opportunities provided by Rosecrance, she has achieved those dreams and much more in 14 years with the organization.

As an intern at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus, Young observed staff making life-changing differences every day. That inspired her to apply for an opening at the same facility, and she joined the staff four days after completing the internship.

“I knew I wanted to work here as long as possible because my job had a purpose,” Young said. “I also saw how much Rosecrance invested in staff—even young interns like me—and I hoped I could pursue all my career goals here.”

The first few years at Rosecrance were filled with a balancing act between work and school to check off the steps required for Family Nurse Practitioner certification. Eight years into the journey, Young earned the credential.

While academic pursuits continued, professional ventures blossomed. Young transitioned from floor nurse to nurse manager, then healthcare provider. In 2016, she became director of nursing, which gave her oversight of all Rosecrance facilities’ nursing staff.

Young attributes her successes to relationships with mentors who provided wisdom and opportunities to advance within Rosecrance. When she didn’t know which NP path to take, a conversation with then-Vice President of Human Resources Judi Jobe made that decision easier. A few years later, when Young was seeking new experiences to better serve clients, current President and CEO Dave Gomel, Ph.D. opened doors for valuable growth. It was leaders like Chief Medical Officer Tom Wright, M.D., who then nudged her toward leadership positions.

“The fact that people like these were willing to help me make big career decisions was fantastic,” she said. “Because of their guidance, I’ve been able to have many valuable experiences and forge relationships that have shaped who I am.”

Thanks to that support, Young makes it a priority to be that inspirational guide to the staff she serves.

“I have the great privilege to work with amazing people, and I want to live my life in a way that can inspire others,” she said. “It gives me great joy to be a small part of their journey when they find their niche or achieve goals.”

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