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Community Impact

Meet a Champion: Mary Hendrickson, Mobile Crisis Response Supervisor

Here are the Beloit native’s thoughts on serving her hometown community through Rosecrance.

Mobile Crisis Response Supervisor Mary Hendrickson has provided care for clients in uniquely different parts of the Rosecrance continuum of care. She began as a Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus counselor, stepped away for family reasons, then returned during the 2022 summer to lead the mobile crisis response team.

Here are the Beloit native’s thoughts on serving her hometown community through Rosecrance:

After working with adolescents, what sparked an interest in crisis services?I had previous experience in crisis care and loved it. I’m wonderful in high-stress situations because I don’t rattle easily and enjoy the fast pace. I also have a degree in forensic psychology, so more complex cases are the most appealing to work with.


What is most rewarding about working for MCR?
The biggest reward is bringing hope to the hopeless. We’re meeting people in a vulnerable state, often on the worst day of their life thus far. Then we get to see the direct impact of our work right away as we deescalate the situation. For some individuals, they just need somebody who will take the time to listen to them share everything that is going on in their lives. Being able to be that person is gratifying.


What value does MCR bring to the community?
I’ve learned that MCR is the door into Rosecrance for a lot of our clients. Following a crisis event, we’re often the initial step with completing assessments and setting them up with counseling. Because of that, we connect people to resources they may not have known about. Plus, our team builds connections with the community that enable us to assist people in more creative, holistic ways beyond an immediate crisis.


How has Rosecrance helped you develop as a leader?
I participated in the emerging leaders workshop after being promoted on the MCR team. And, I’ve been supported by people such as Craig Stallings (Regional Vice President of Operations) and Jason Relle (Director of Crisis Services). Craig offered me a lot of support as I transitioned and an open door to process my new leadership responsibilities. Jason, who interestingly enough, was my supervisor before, is a phenomenal mentor. He is a walking encyclopedia of clinical information, and he challenges me to be a better clinician and better member of the leadership team.


What keeps you coming to work every day?
I believe in our mission, that everybody deserves access to care. In MCR, we work with complex trauma situations for a vulnerable population that needs help the most but has the biggest barriers getting into services. I like that Rosecrance is a conduit to engage these particular populations.

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