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Meet a Champion: Autumn Hartman, Prevention Specialist

Hartman shares  her thoughts on the journey with Rosecrance.

Autumn Hartman, a prevention specialist for Rosecrance Jackson Centers, discovered Rosecrance while completing a graduate degree in public ministry (social justice) through Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill. Originally interested in a clinical role, Rosecrance mentors encouraged her to pursue an opening on the prevention team instead.


Here are her thoughts on the journey with Rosecrance:


How did you respond when you were asked to consider a different professional path?

It was really interesting. I had never thought about prevention and didn’t know all the science behind it. However, they presented the opportunity to me as one where I would be educating the general population on stigma, substance use and implementing change. That sounded really cool.


What is the value of working for an organization where leadership guides staff to areas that best fit their abilities?

It is extremely important. To me, that says Rosecrance sees gifts and what we can bring to a team to improve the company and achieve our own goals. They really listen to us. That is how I joined the DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) committee—someone said I should check it out.


How does the prevention team fit your skills?

Public speaking is something I absolutely enjoy, especially when audience members have ‘aha moments’ as I’m presenting. And, the work we do can help make policy changes in communities.


What is a success story from working in the community that you could share?

I get to talk about how stigma can affect recovery, as stigma has been scientifically proven to be a barrier to long-lasting recovery or getting treatment. I occasionally hear stories of how someone experienced stigma, and that motivates me even more to give people connections to the resources that will best set them up for success.


What is the value of having a voice through involvement with the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) committee?

It’s a huge honor for me to be on the committee. My master’s degree background was social justice, so I see the importance of making sure we’re valuing everybody at the table, and how to lift up the voices of people who are traditionally silenced or not respected. Rosecrance is a great company, so how can we make it even better? How can we implement change throughout the organization, model behavior, have conversations, give tools, and celebrate diversity?

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