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Iowa campus expansion will support experiential, recreational therapies

Features of the expansion will include a therapeutic recreation resource center, connected walking paths, and a chapel.

Rosecrance Jackson Centers in Iowa celebrated the beginning of an expansion project for our Sioux City residential campus that will integrate experiential and recreational therapies for clients seeking treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

The existing campus, which provides treatment services for adolescents and adults, at 3500 W. Fourth St. was built in 2015. Features of the expansion will include a therapeutic recreation resource center, connected walking paths, and a chapel.

State officials awarded Rosecrance a $2.3 million state grant last fall for the project.

“We are so grateful to the state of Iowa for their support that launched this campaign,” said Julie Enockson, regional president of Rosecrance Jackson Centers. “This beautiful residential campus was built nearly 10 years ago, and now, we are expanding to provide an even deeper and more holistic treatment experience.”

Rosecrance Jackson Centers has served residents of Siouxland and the state of Iowa since 1976. Through 13 Iowa locations, the organization helped over 7,000 individuals last year—from 93% of the counties in Iowa.

“Not only are we saving lives, but we’re helping people to get back on the right track so they can be part of a happy, productive society to live in,” said Dan Moore, Sioux City mayor pro tem and a Rosecrance Jackson Centers board member. “We’re staying on the path and doing the right thing. And this is the right thing today. We need to celebrate and embrace this.”

And the need for behavioral treatment continues to grow. In 2020, drug overdose deaths in Iowa grew 23% over the prior year, and 254,000 adult Iowans reported alcohol dependence or abuse in the past year.

“When we think about a good community, we need to offer services when times are tough,” Iowa State Rep. J.D. Scholten said. “And I think it’s wonderful what Rosecrance Jackson has done. I’ve had several friends in their darkest hours who have come here and who are now living some of their brightest days.”

The Rosecrance Foundation Brighter Futures campaign supports the project to build a brighter future for clients and the community. Don Claeys, campaign co-chair and Rosecrance Foundation Iowa board member, thanked community members for their ongoing support and emphasized the need for enhanced treatment services.

“Alcoholism and addiction affect everyone in this community when left untreated. We see and hear about it daily in our community,” Claeys said. “We’ve done a tremendous job building a campus that works, and for that, we thank you all. But we need more help. It’s time to expand the spiritual and therapeutic recreation side of the campus.”

With the state’s support and early committed donors, the project has reached 86% of its campaign goal. It is being funded, in part, by federal award number SLFRP4374 to the State of Iowa by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.


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