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Community Impact

Closing the gaps in mental health access

Rosecrance supports children, teens, and their families in need.

By working with Rockford schools, Rosecrance supports children, teens, and their families in need and helps them overcome any barriers preventing loved ones from receiving the help they need.

One student’s story stands out as an example of the positive impact of such work. This individual endured a struggle that lasted for two years, but they overcame their challenges with hope, recovery, and a support system that involved family and a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including Rosecrance.

“Thanks to the support of the school and a mental health referral to Rosecrance, this student was able to receive the mental health services they needed. Without this support, it is possible that their needs would have gone unmet, leading to potential negative outcomes,” said Sadie Cobio, Assistant Administrator of Community Behavioral Health Services for Rosecrance.

This individual experienced a triggering episode, leading to low self-esteem, high social anxiety, negative thinking, and suicidal thoughts. After their initial contact with Rosecrance and continued counseling sessions for the first few months following the incident, some progress led to a breaking point, and the student experienced a significant episode.

Following the crisis, the student began taking medication to manage their depressive symptoms while also continuing with counseling through Rosecrance. They started to become more consistent with their sessions and worked to improve their well-being, opening up about past difficulties they had experienced.

With the unwavering support of their family, school, and a Rosecrance psychiatrist, the individual who was once struggling has made significant progress. They have overcome their fears and anxieties, no longer shying away from school, and have even expanded their social circle.

Their courage and resilience have become an inspiration to their peers, who see the individual as a champion for mental health and an advocate for breaking down the stigma that so often prevents others from seeking help.

“Through collaboration and sharing the same goal of giving students the best possible outcomes, the Rosecrance partnership with RPS 205 is allowing us to make a difference in the lives of young people who may have very well flown under the radar had our services not been available to them,” Cobio said.

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