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Clients, staff put ‘heart’ on display at annual art show

The theme of 2024’s event was “Nature of Recovery.

During the winter months, Rosecrance clients immerse themselves in a series of art projects that are designed to stimulate their creativity and help them in their recovery journey.

The culmination of these efforts is the Heart Art Show, which takes place every February. This event provides a platform for clients and staff to showcase their artistic talents, as hundreds of art pieces are displayed to clients and staff alike. The Heart Art Show is a highly anticipated annual event that celebrates creativity and highlights the importance of art in the recovery process.

This year, this annual event started at Rosecrance’s residential location in Champaign and then moved north to residential campuses in Rockford with 18 exhibits and over 1,000 art pieces. The event showcased the work of artists who are staff, clients, and alumni of Rosecrance.

The theme of this year’s event was “Nature of Recovery.” The artists expressed their recovery journey through their work, using recycled materials, featuring animals, and demonstrating their pride in their recovery process. This year’s show also includes a Black History Month exhibit, which highlights the work of Black environmentalists, and a staff gallery featuring unique and individual artwork.

Clients expressed their feelings of being part of a “legitimate show” leading up to the event, with the displayed art showcasing inspiration, honesty, and hope.

“Art is a valuable source of accomplishment and self-esteem building for our clients,” said recreation therapist Paul Fasano. “By identifying values through their artwork, clients express themselves in ways often more difficult to articulate verbally. In addition, by introducing or reintroducing healthy recreation habits such as art, clients discover effective tools for coping, fostering resilience, and promoting long-term recovery.”

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