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An Artful Evening with Rosecrance puts clients and staff hopes on display

Rosecrance alumni speaker Jason H. shared his deeply personal journey, using his words to paint a vivid picture of his transformation

When people are unable to express their emotions with words, art steps in as a powerful means of expression that articulates the unspoken sentiments of the soul.

That concept took center stage at The Rosecrance Foundation Annual Benefit, “An Artful Evening with Rosecrance,” Tuesday. Drawing a crowd of over 300 people, the fundraiser provides support for those facing challenges related to mental health and substance use disorders.

Those who came to celebrate life, recovery, and art were given a glimpse into therapeutic recreation, a treatment modality neatly woven into the care for Rosecrance clients. It is intentional, builds confidence, and helps people reconnect with themselves and restore passion.

Deeply personal and original artworks, each a unique expression of Rosecrance staff and clients, were central to the event. These works, more than just paintings, were windows into the clients’ inner worlds, their self-perceptions, hopes, ambitions, and the processing of their past experiences. This personal touch sparked deep intrigue and engagement from the audience, fostering a sense of connection, empathy, and hope.

Rosecrance alumni speaker Jason H. shared his deeply personal journey, using his words to paint a vivid picture of his transformation.

“Seven-ten-twenty-three. The day in which I made the decision to go to Rosecrance. I checked in on 7/11/23, and I met the wonderful world of detox. Ninety-two was the amount of steps I could take around the detox, and that’s what I did 18 hours a day. I’m an outside person, so it was difficult but needed. Three-hundred forty-four days sober. And thank you to Rosecrance for the knowledge to make it to day 345,” Jason said.

When Dr. Dave Gomel, the CEO and President of Rosecrance Behavioral Health, took the stage, he spoke passionately about his deep appreciation for the individuals whose lives are impacted by Rosecrance’s services and the unwavering support of those who champion the mission of helping others.

“People come to us hopeless. It’s an honor and opportunity that 55,000-plus people come to us every year,” Gomel said. “It’s meaningful and special, and this room is full of people who love and support our mission, people who understand how important this resource is to those who are in need of hope.”

These benefits serve as a reminder that addiction is something that can impact anyone, either directly or indirectly, because there are no limits on who can struggle with substance use. The annual benefit is Rosecrance’s primary fundraiser in Rockford.

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