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Alumni make new connections at Rosecrance retreat

Alumni were surveyed and they voted overwhelmingly to meet in person in Rockford.

Rosecrance hosted a successful first-time hybrid Alumni Renewal Retreat this month, with more than 100 people attending either in person or online.

The alumni network had been hosting retreats virtually the past two years because of the pandemic. When planning started for this year’s event, alumni were surveyed and they voted overwhelmingly to meet in person in Rockford.

Retreat activities included making new connections, 12-Step speakers, educational sessions, fellowship-building exercises, and lots of fun.

“We had people there who’d only seen each other online get to meet in person for the first time—that was really special,” said Colleen Fry, Rosecrance’s director of alumni relations. “Some of our alumni were able to overcome their fear and anxiety of being with people and recognize this as a safe space in recovery.”

The Fridays with Farley series, featuring engaging presentations by Rosecrance Community Relations Coordinator Tom Farley, also concluded in person. This series had taken place for nine weeks on Friday evenings on the Rosecrance Alumni App. Farley joined the group in person, tying all his talks together and answering questions from alumni.

The event’s hybrid format also allowed adult residential clients from our Rosecrance Harrison Campus to Zoom in and enjoy the festivities.

Attendees ended the day with a gratitude circle, where each person talked about what they’re grateful for and things in their lives that are going well.

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