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Adolescents find keys to a satisfying life in recovery through Rosecrance

The transition from a residential setting to outpatient care can create extra anxiety for youth.

Leaving the structure and support of residential behavioral health treatment can be unsettling for youth as they return to home and school. It takes a perspective shift and strong support system to embrace a satisfying life in recovery.

For many adolescents, the transition from a residential setting to outpatient care can create extra anxiety as youth may feel overwhelmed by life changes as they step down to outpatient care. That is why Rosecrance experts focus heavily on the mental part of the recovery journey.

“When you look at the physiology of addiction, the brain changes to think that the substance is what the body needs to survive,” Adrienne Adams, M.D., Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus Medical Director. “Our task in treatment is to help the adolescent mind rediscover and embrace the healthy things that lead to fulfilling lives. “

To help ease the first steps into lifelong recovery, Adams offers several suggestions for youth and their loved ones:

  • Develop structure for life. Healthy routines and habits will put the mind at ease as it continues to heal.
  • Embrace positive community. Regularly connecting with others committed to recovery and friends who support your journey will be valuable for life’s ups and downs.
  • Lean into enjoyable activities. Prioritizing hobbies that bring joy will help the mind relax and respond to the truly positive things in life.

If you are concerned about an adolescent’s mental health or substance use, please call Rosecrance’s caring Access counselors at 888.928.5278.

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