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A reminder why we fight the stigma of mental illness

Leadership and skill trainings are offered for those interested.

When an employee joins Rosecrance, the hope is that the first day is also a first step in a long professional journey with the organization. Career growth evolves through education and mentorship opportunities that help each employee align their skills with passions.

Jami Ditto and Holly Brun experienced this growth firsthand as they traveled different routes to clinical leadership roles. Ditto, recently named the outpatient supervisor for the Freeport region, began as a front desk worker, shifted to client intake counseling on the Access team, and then worked in community relations as a marketing coordinator before returning to her clinical roots. Brun originally counseled adolescents, but found her passions best aligned with Rosecrance’s community programs and served as an outpatient supervisor for the Child and Family Team before recently being named Director of the Rosecrance Mulberry Center.

“As clinicians, we want to meet clients where they’re at, and Rosecrance does the same for us as staff,” Brun said. “Leaders understand that we work best when strengths are aligned, so they give us every chance to find where we fit within the larger team.”

Mentors encouraged both Brun and Ditto during each step of the way, opening doors to guidance from human resources and educational support from Rosecrance. Plus, it helped them refine their leadership styles.

“One of my mentors encouraged me to consider an Access coordinator position, and without that, I may not have made that move,” Ditto said. “It’s been the same with each position—everyone in leadership tries to foster growth, and I appreciate that.”

Rosecrance supports development from within by providing a number of resources and opportunities to employees. Staff are encouraged to make a long-term career plan with supervisors and set goals to reach those. As an individual advances, Rosecrance’s scale and scope provide the ability to move forward or find the role or area that best matches talents.

Leadership and skill trainings are offered for those interested. And, Rosecrance also provides financial resources to pay for key credentials such as the CADC.

“It is rewarding for us to see employees grow and flourish throughout long careers at Rosecrance,” said Talent Acquisition Manager Alicia Rau. “Their dedication contributes to the stability of the organization and the knowledge base as they become mentors for new staff.”

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