In the news: Stars of Light sheds light on mental illness

The Rock River Times wrote a glowing review of a recent Stars of Light Theatre Troupe performance in Rockford, IL.

From the Times:

The Stars of Light Theatre troupe gave a stirring presentation last week for the members of the Kiwanis Club of Rockford at the Stockholm Inn. Members were taken aback by the performance of members of the group, mostly composed of local community members who suffer from one type of mental illness or another.

Under the direction of Stephen F. Vrtol III and producer Mary Gubbe Lee, the group, performing in the area since 1995, gave a moving anecdotal and statistical representation of the perils of those who deal with mental illness each and every day.

To say Kiwanians in the audience were moved by the honesty and professionalism shown was an understatement. In particular, the staggering number of those who are mentally ill and are housed in county, state and federal jails and prisons is particularly disturbing, ranging between 50 and 65 percent.

The Stars of Light is a traveling theatre troupe composed of mental health clients who educate the public about mental illness and reduce the stigma that surrounds it while sharing their artistic talents and personal stories. Read more about them here.

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