In the news: Rosecrance a partner in care at Crusader

The Rockford Register Star‘s Melissa Westphal wrote about Rosecrance’s partnership with Community Crusader Health in today’s paper.

The partnership provides a licensed clinical social worker on site at Crusader’s West State Street office to allow for immediate response for behavioral health issues.

From Westphal’s article:

Will Holm, a licensed clinical social worker with Rosecrance, is now embedded at Crusader’s West State Street clinic. His office space is on the same medical unit as primary care providers who can refer patients to him in “real time” if they identify needs during routine appointments.

Officials say this setup reduces the chances of patients skipping out on referrals for mental health assessments, therefore improving both physical and emotional treatment outcomes.

“We’re really treating the whole person, not just looking at the physical,” said Mary Ann Abate, Rosecrance’s chief operating officer of mental health.

Read the complete article on the Register Star’s website.