New year brings fresh start for those in recovery

The start of a new year means the annual ritual of resolutions and promises to do better in 2021. For people in recovery from substance use, January 1 is a timely reminder that fresh starts can be life-changing moments.

“What I love about Rosecrance is that we provide a new beginning for clients who are willing to fight for it,” said Director of Chaplaincy Christopher Druce Jones. “We work with them, pass the baton when they complete treatment, and we encourage them to run the best race of their lives.”

The first steps toward a transformed life may be as dramatic as moving to a different location, changing jobs, or finding new social circles. For others who might have stumbled in 2020, a fresh start could mean finding a mentor, dedicating themselves to working through the 12 Steps, or improving in a couple areas of weakness.

Rosecrance encourages anyone who wants to run the race of recovery to reach out anytime. Caring Access counselors can be reached at (866)-330-8729.

Treatment at Rosecrance gives clients the tools they need to lean into that fresh start. Supportive staff introduce new coping skills and positive habits that will transform lives. Clients also are taught to run the marathon one day at a time, which makes recovery a sustainable daily goal that will outlast many grand New Year’s resolutions.

In addition, clients are immersed in a community that will support them from the first day in treatment. Group conversations, including 12-Step meetings and unit discussions for those in residential care, are staples of the program. In addition, clients are invited to connect with Rosecrance’s strong alumni network to maintain relational supports after treatment completes.

“The journey is there for the taking,” Druce Jones said. “No matter where someone is at, or how they feel, they always have a safe place at Rosecrance. There will always be someone who can relate to and support them.”