Mental healthcare: Not just for individuals with serious mental illness

It’s healthy to experience a full range of emotions and moods, however, continual pressures can lead to a longer season of poor mental health, while individuals with mental illness may experience more noticeable symptoms.

For individuals wondering if a stretch of stress is something more than the occasional downturn in mental health, Rosecrance Chief of Clinical Excellence Tom Wright, M.D. points to an individual’s ability to handle everyday life.

“There is a point where, if someone isn’t functioning in their family, social, or work life, they ought to seek help,” he says in the latest “On Your Radar” podcast, which is available on Spotify. “There are so many opportunities for treatments to help people live better lives. Beyond taking away symptoms, these can help with mental wellness and enable people to thrive.”

If you or a loved one need help, Rosecrance’s outcomes-based treatment offers the best chance at lasting recovery. Clients will learn how to use a wide range of effective healthy coping skills that strengthen mind, body, and spirit. The individualized plans are appropriate for individuals who may be looking for short-term guidance to navigate a time of negative mental health, as well as those seeking care for lasting mental illness.

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