Marijuana in the Workplace: Rosecrance Podcast Offers Answers

There’s another new normal happening around us, and it doesn’t have anything to do with COVID-19. We’re talking about legalized marijuana and the workplace. For employers, the legalization of marijuana presents a Pandora’s box of potential problems.

If your Human Resources department is scrambling to develop new policies designed to address all of the possible “what ifs” around this law, you’re not alone. Lawyers and employers around the country find themselves in the same boat. So, what are your rights and responsibilities? What are the new risks you, your customers and your business may be exposed to should an employee come to work under this new influence?

One good place to start looking for answers is with networks that have been on the front lines of substance abuse treatment and recovery since the start. Listen to Rosecrance’s most recent podcast, featuring Rosecrance Director of Outreach Mary Egan MA, CADC and attorney Jim Egan, Partner at Keefe, Campbell, Biery & Associates as they discuss what every employer needs to know about legalized marijuana, the signs of misuse, and the rights and responsibilities of managing their business and employees in the new age. Topics discussed cover important issues every employer will need to consider, including developing workplace policies, testing and safety, warning signs of abuse and productivity, performance and professionalism.

Click here for the Marijuana in the Workplace podcast.

If an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, then it’s the savvy business owner who takes the steps now to develop their company policy toward legalized marijuana. It’s not only a matter of protecting your livelihood and your customers, but helping your employees stay on the right track.