Lori Kehoe named Community Relations Coordinator of Chicago Region

Rosecrance recently appointed Lori Kehoe as a new Community Relations Coordinator in the Chicago region.

The Rosecrance Community Relations team assists with information regarding program and services, scheduling of assessments, contacting other resources, and navigating progress. These individuals are skilled in:

  • Communicating with families in crisis
  • Finding referral sources within the community
  • Gathering information that may assist in better serving clients
  • Providing training/education in topics of interest
  • Conducting family education workshops

Kehoe earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Governors State University. She has a background in academic instruction and coaching and wellness instruction for school districts and the YMCA’s of America. For the past four years, Kehoe participated in a variety of roles in the residential treatment setting for behavioral health including direct client support, aftercare planning, marketing and administrative roles. She is committed to serving the community, promoting prevention and awareness, and developing and growing long lasting relationships as an advocate for lasting recovery and wellness collaboratively.