King focused on changing lives, building community

Connections have been a life priority for Joey King. As a healthcare leader, the Coles County native is using that passion to make a difference as Rosecrance Central Illinois’ executive director.

King brings more than a decade of experience in behavioral health settings, including eight years as a chief clinical officer at h

is most recent position. Prior to that, he had worked in community health and crisis services.

After experiencing life in hospital leadership, he wanted to return to a setting where he could be invested in the daily lives of people giving and receiving care. Rosecrance Central Illinois offered an immersion in prevention and diversion services with ample room to make an impact on issues as significant as teen suicide and substance use.


“I’m excited to be back involved in community work,” King said. “It’s refreshing to be on the front end of behavioral healthcare, where our many programs help people find life-changing treatment and encourage others to make positive choices.”

One of King’s long-term goals is to strengthen relationships among those navigating the recovery journey and their support systems. In addition, he wants to help the region by cultivating future leaders. He believes Rosecrance Central Illinois is gifted with a strong team of clinical staff who will be positive influences in their circles as they advance personally and professionally.

“It’s exciting to see younger social workers turn into really powerful therapists and leaders,” he said. “That’s not only good for the future of Rosecrance Central Illinois, but it’s great for the region. There are many people here already giving back to the community, and it’s satisfying to think of what they will accomplish in years to come.”