Justice Kathryn Zenoff receives IABH Lawrence Goodman Friend of the Field Award

Justice Zenoff receives IABH award
L-R: Phil Eaton, President & CEO of Rosecrance Health Network, Justice Zenoff, IABH CEO Sara Howe, & Dr. Dave Gomel, President of Rosecrance, Inc.

Illinois Appellate Judge Kathryn Zenoff received the 2019 Lawrence Goodman Friend of the Field Award from the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health.

The award was named after Larry Goodman, a philanthropist who was deeply committed to funding addiction prevention programs. The award was created in 2004 to recognize “friends of the field,” those individuals who may not work directly in the behavioral health field but partner in the mission through their profession. Justice Zenoff received the award at an event held November 19 at the Rosecrance Ware Center.

Justice Zenoff speaks at an event held to present her award.

Rosecrance President/CEO Philip Eaton spoke of Justice Zenoff’s work with Frank Ware, longtime president and CEO of Janet Wattles Center, which merged with Rosecrance in 2011. Together Justice Zenoff and Ware worked to open a mental health court – called Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) court – in 2005. He described her efforts as “disruptive” to a highly-structured justice system that was not easily changed. “I could not be more grateful for all the advocacy you have done for those who struggle with a serious mental illness. Your work has provided health, civil rights, and a voice for these individuals.”

Justice Zenoff expressed her thanks to IABH for the award, as well as recognizing her partnerships with Frank Ware, Phil Eaton and Rosecrance Inc. President Dave Gomel. “I am deeply honored to receive this award today, and I am especially honored to be receiving it in a building that is named after Frank Ware. While I certainly appreciate the recognition of the efforts I have made, I haven’t done it alone. I’ve had so many partners in this community and I feel very fortunate to be able to continue to do this work.”