Is Outcomes-Based Treatment the Answer?


As the world re-opens, the psychological impact of COVID-19 on adults and teens may not be readily apparent. The delayed reaction of social isolation can result in higher levels of depression for teens and increased dependency on drugs and alcohol for adults. It can be especially difficult to identify signs of depression in teens since they are less likely to speak to their parents about their problems. So, what’s a parent or significant other to do?


First and foremost, keep the lines of communication open. Be willing to listen and don’t make judgements. If you are concerned, you can seek out the help of your physician, pastor or some other expert in your group for advice. Sometimes, it may be nothing but it’s always better to be sure. If it does turn out to be something more serious, you may want to seek out a professional opinion. This can be especially helpful for teens, who are sometimes more willing to talk to someone outside of their own family.


Another option is to get an evaluation from a treatment center. Should you choose to take this step, you want to be sure you’re knowledgeable and well-informed about the resources available to you. It’s critical to inquire about the experience, expertise and treatment approaches they have to offer. Do your research online, make a list of questions, you can also reach out to your teen’s school counselor for help and recommendations. The podcast below can offer some answers to your more general questions about what to look for when choosing a treatment center. Radio personality John Williams interviews Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Wright and Medical Director of Rosecrance Harrison, Dr. Ray Garcia as they discuss the finer points of outcomes-based treatment programs. Topics they discuss include but are not limited to:

  • What is outcomes-based treatment
  • The value of real-time treatment customization
  • The importance of outcomes-based treatment programs
  • The role spirituality plays in the recovery process
  • Questions you should be asking when researching a treatment provider

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