Investing in our most valuable resource

After a few years in the transportation industry, Matt Kiefer wanted a more fulfilling career. Recognizing the impact of addiction in his family, he sought an opportunity to build dreams of people on the recovery journey.

That search brought Kiefer to Rosecrance, where he found his place as a unit specialist working with adults. Now, he is filled with the joy of seeing clients find hope each day.

“I’ve never felt as rewarded by my work as I am at Rosecrance,” Kiefer said. “It is amazing to work with clients and see the results of what we do.”

In addition, Kiefer took advantage of Rosecrance’s strong employee development culture. Encouraged to think about career goals, he decided to pursue addiction counselor certification within the next few years. Once certified, he will be able to advance within the organization as he finds the specialty that best fits.

As part of the emphasis on growth, Rosecrance offers financial assistance for professional licensure and provides an intensive curriculum of trainings throughout the year. Staff can attend educational sessions and receive CEUs for free. Leadership development training is another opportunity for current and emerging leaders that sets Rosecrance apart.

In 2021, Rosecrance employees also benefitted from two significant initiatives that rewarded them for hard work and to make sure that every team member feels truly welcome and valued. Rosecrance dedicated $6.5 million in 2021 to pay increases as reinvestment in the staff.

A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is helping Rosecrance become a community that recognizes and welcomes all its members and clients. This group fosters healthy conversations that are resulting in recommended changes throughout the organization.

These initiatives have resulted in increased staff morale over the past year, as the employee satisfaction rate on a twice-a-year survey reached 92 percent recently. Though consistently high, the satisfaction rate has steadily risen over the past few years.

“I’m grateful that Rosecrance leadership goes out of the way to make sure that staff are being taken care of,” Kiefer said. “That translates to better outcomes for our clients. When the organization truly cares about me as an individual, I definitely give extra effort with my team and the people we serve. And, it makes me proud to be part of the mission.”

This article first appeared in the 2022 issue of Reach. Click here to read more from the magazine.