‘Friends of Recovery’ event brings alumni & donors together to celebrate

Jam Alker performs at ‘Friends of Recovery’ event March 8, 2018.

Nearly 90 Rosecrance staff, donors, alumni and supporters gathered on March 8, 2018 for the Friends of Recovery celebration in the Homeplate Room at Wrigley Field.

Rosecrance Director of Clergy and Alumni Relations, Rev. James E. Swarthout, commemorated last evening’s event with these words: “Giving, touching others’ lives, expanding the circle of the Rosecrance mission and vision to include others, being authentic, and being always open to receiving as well as giving. That’s not just a children’s fairy tale – it’s a great description of what was offered in time and passion at last evening’s event and is often continued time and again to offer new life and joy to many!”

Greg Orput, Rosecrance Chicago board member, speaks at ‘Friends of Recovery’ event March 8, 2018.

That accurately depicts the event- a room filled with emotion, honesty, empathy, compassion and the utmost heart. It truly was a celebration!

The event included dinner, raffle prizes and an evening of storytelling and entertainment from musician and Rosecrance alumnus, Jam Alker. Alker passionately shared his Rosecrance recovery journey along with three songs from his most recent album.

“My time at Rosecrance included some of the most magical and spiritual moments… It was where I began to heal,” said Alker. “I was given purpose in my life the moment my counselor said the words, ‘Why don’t we plan some of your treatment around songwriting?’”

Greg Orput, Rosecrance Chicago board member, added, “The amount of emotion in this room speaks for itself…To listen to the loneliness and desperation this man [Alker] obviously felt before treatment and to see him flourish now after the help of Rosecrance and music… I admire the strength of each and every alumni in this room.”