Championing hope by rewarding staff

Rosecrance knows that the miracle of recovery can’t happen without a workforce dedicated to the mission of supporting each person who seeks help. That is why we invested $6.5 million to salary increases in 2021.

As an organization that takes pride in all the ways we support out team, this was one tangible way we wanted to thank the entire workforce for staying with us through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also formed a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee to help us become a more truly welcoming organization for staff and clients. This group fostered healthy conversations that resulted in changes throughout Rosecrance, and its members continue to push us to live our mission better each day.

These initiatives have resulted in increased staff morale over the past year, as the employee satisfaction rate on our twice-a-year survey reached 92 percent recently. Though consistently high, the satisfaction rate has improved in the past year.

“I am proud of the impact our employees make every single day,” said Rosecrance President and CEO Dave Gomel, Ph.D. “Rosecrance could not be such an outstanding organization without 1,300 of the finest colleagues anyone could ask for. We wanted to tangibly reward them for their work, especially with all their extra efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In addition, Rosecrance provides opportunities for employees to advance professionally within the organization. As staff develop career goals, they are encouraged to find positions that best fit their interests. This may mean shifting from counseling adults to counseling adolescents, or it could mean a shift to community health, or another career path. With locations in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, those who wish to relocate for a new challenge may do so while keeping seniority benefits.

Rosecrance also provides professional training throughout the year. Staff can attend educational sessions and receive CEUs for free. In addition, Rosecrance offers leadership development for current and emerging leaders.

“No matter your position in Rosecrance, we all play important roles that help change lives,” said Vice President of Human Resources Kristin Hamblock. “We want each employee to have the tools and opportunities they need to have successful careers with us.”